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Education Is Not Preparation For Life, Education Is Life Itself.

In this fast changing world the concept of life, society, nation and world is taking a new shape. In this age of Info-tech world is coming closer and closer. In years to come we may have to face many challenges, in different walks of life. The young generation is having a vision, a new look and is ready for change. So our approach must change. Our attitude towards imparting education must be integrated than ever. Simply teaching traditional subjects in a traditional way for the race of percentage and certificates may lead us to chaotic condition.

Information-based knowledge is a stepping-stone in learning. But learning starts when we understand what it is. When we understand, then intelligence dawns within. Students must understand to learn art and science, to know the problems and new challenges. They must explore themselves. They must learn to solve for themselves and society at large. They have to understand creativity and observation so as to understand what it is.

They must come out of fanatic dogmas. If we can create an environment for them to do so, then we may expect that their world will be free from hatred and jealousy. World will be lovable and worth living. Education is a joint venture of students, teachers, parents and management. If we work together then only we can dream of a beautiful world of tomorrow.


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